Real testimonials from doctors and patients who have used Comfort Solutions rental equipment for face down recovery:

Comfort Solutions Testimonial from Dr. William E. Smiddy, Professor of Opthalmology, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

I was recently evaluated for a detached retina and underwent vitrectomy surgery. Like most patients, I found myself with a sudden and unexpected change in life. Fortunately my retina surgeon recommended you and your vitrectomy recovery chair prior to surgery. Your company offers a timely and valuable service, and products, to people who likely had no knowledge of your services before their need. My recovery has been very positive thanks to your company, which I consider to be at a great value. Thank you. Steve Holt

Today was an exciting day for me! One vitrectomy patient returned as a failure after she was unable to maintain facedown position after the first repair. When she experienced the support of the head piece in recovery today, she immediately exclaimed how comfortable it was and she could imagine using her cell phone and rest comfortably in the Comfort Solutions equipment. Her family was so impressed :). Dr Huang also had a patient who had Comfort Solutions equipment in the car upon discharge. The nurses are starting to understand how to use the equipment and more pamphlets are being given out. We are finding setting up the table top equipment on the end of the eye beds when the patient can set in a stable chair gives the patient a great sense of stability. We also demonstrate the chair and the patients love the table it is equipped with. The chair comes out of the box easily, opens and is stable in a quick time. We are still learning all the adjustments but are finding it is not difficult. Thank you again, perhaps I can send more recommendations but I am so thankful we have your equipment to demonstrate. – Yours sincerely, Laurie Miller RN, Pavilion Surgery Center

“Thank you for providing a great service for my patients through the years. I have recently changed practices and moved from Seattle, WA to Medford, OR. I look forward to continue utilizing your amazing services.” – Steven Saraf, M.D., Retina, Uveitis, and Vitreoretinal Surgery

“I received the box earlier this afternoon, watched the video, unpacked everything and set everything up.  So well done. I wish I had known about your company 16-17 years ago when I went through this same surgery in my right eye.  These devices are going to make recovery so much more tolerable.  My surgery is on Tuesday afternoon.  Thank you for easing my apprehension about the recovery process, which I remember as being the worst part of the experience. I am going to tell my surgeon and his office that they should really have this information available to their patients, or at least tell them about it.  I just found your company on google because I figured there had to be a better way to endure recovery.” Sincerely, thank you! —JSB

“This equipment was a real life saver!! The CSR I dealt with was very knowledgeable and friendly. I had called another Company first and they tried to trick me into a lower price but I had to pay extra for shipping. Net, Net the equipment from Comfort Solutions was much sturdier looking and the price they quoted me was exactly what I was charged. The shipping both ways was included and therefore a better value than the 1st place I called. If I am ever unfortunate enough to have to do this surgery again I will definitely call Comfort Solutions.” – Shannon L.

“I had eye surgery and used this company for the “face down” postural chair. I couldn’t have been happier. Ordering and delivery were easy. The equipment arrived clean and complete. While it wasn’t new it was fine for germ phobic me. I would definately use them again – but hope that will never be necessary. And while those three days didn’t fly by, the positional assist made it tolerable. Thank you. I appreciate the professionalism and seamless service.” – Donna L.

“I recently had eye surgery for a macular hole and was face down recovering for a week per my doctors instructions . I found all the equipment to be super helpful in recovering from this surgery. the company was completely professional and the chair and face down sleeping item for sleeping was easy to set-up and use. I had eye surgery 20 years ago and there was none of this equipment and so i can say that having it makes a huge difference in managing your recovery. Customer service is friendly and the setup and return was really easy.” – Eric M.

“I recently required eye surgery and called Comfort Solutions for recovery equipment. This is a really terrific Company. I spoke to Penney and she was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The equipment arrived in excellent condition. I was pleasantly surprised since this is a rental. I needed a little assistance figuring out the mirror and called again. This time I spoke to Mary, she too was very friendly and helpful. It’s nice to see good customer service in this day and age. I highly recommend using Comfort Solutions for recovery needs. I would definitely use them again if need be.” – Marcus A

“I want to add to your fabulous reviews.  From the assistant that took my order request, the actual amazing chair itself, to the return, only amazing customer service. My husband had a detached retina 10 years ago.  Trying to keep the face down position caused so much stress on his body, muscle aches, tension of wondering if his head was actually in the right position. When he had another detached retina recently,  he had an emergency surgery the same day.  We had not time to plan.  I called Comfort Solutions the Friday before Easter about 4 pm.  Advised I needed a chair asap.  The very nice lady I talked to got a chair out that day for next day delivery.  This was truly amazing, and needed.   Using the Comfort Soultions chair for this retinal detachment, was actually relaxing to all of his muscles during the healing stage.  His head was held in the proper position, the retina healed and is reattached. We are so thankful to Comfort Solutions for making this very scary experience a little easier and comfortable.” – Theresa S.

“My Mom needed to rent equipment for her eye surgery. The customer service was excellent and the staff were able to provide all the answers to my questions. They were very patient and knowledgeable (I did call 4 times to ask questions before I placed my order). Equipment arrived prior to surgery and was easy to set-up. It was really a lifesaver for my Mom. I would highly recommend using Comfort Solutions. This Company definitely deserves 5 stars. Customer Service and the product they rent is outstanding.” – Tracy C.

“I have been so pleased with the equipment from Comfort Solutions that I received. Hearing the news of the macular hole in my eye requiring surgery and the need to keep my head down for 2 weeks was more than I ever expected. Thank God I discovered Comfort Solutions on the internet. I called and ordered the face down chair for my recovery and it was delivered in two days. It was a God sent as I knew I could never keep my head down that long by my self. Thank you for your fast service and thank you for easing my family’s mind.”  – Mary Lou H. M.

Best thing ever !!! This chair is a Godsend !!!” Sharon L.

“Rented the entire set. What a blessing. My friend would not have made the week without this. Especially the chair. Worth every penny.” – Egwyn W.

“My husband Brian went to the ER Sat. afternoon and found out he needed unexpected eye surgery the following Monday morning which would require the need for face down positioning. After I e-mailed and filled out the order form Saturday night I believe John (? name) called me back on Sunday regarding obtaining the equipment which was needed the next day (Monday) when we returned from his day surgery. Mary and Betty were great in assisting with expediting our obtaining the equipment package so that when we arrived home from the hospital it was waiting at our front door. When a situation as ours happens suddenly and you are processing the health issue let alone what is needed for post surgery, I wanted to let you know what you do in servicing your customers, matters greatly and is very much appreciated. Thank you for what you do. “ – Lauren B.

“Amazing customer service! Thank you so much for getting the equipment to us within 2 hours… incredible!” – Sharon B.

“My mom recently had surgery to repair a detached retina with other complications and had to endure 14 days of face down recovery. I just wanted to share a few things about our experience with Comfort Solutions. 1) I left a voice mail message after-hours to inquire about the equipment. My phone call was promptly returned early the next morning by a friendly and knowledgeable representative. 2) The equipment was delivered earlier than expected to my sister’s house in Kansas City. She brought it to my Mom in Carthage, MO and we set it up for Mom to use. The equipment came with fantastic instructions and was easy to put together. It was clean and in good repair. 3) When we returned the equipment, I called Comfort Solutions to notify them I had shipped it, and again, they were very kind. 4) Today Mom called to tell me that her insurance will be reimbursing her for the expense as Comfort Solutions handled the paper work and filed with her insurance. Why would Comfort Solutions care if Mom got reimbursed? They already got their money. Well they DO care! This was fantastic news to my Mom who is retired and lives alone. A bright spot in her day today for sure! I know it’s really simple stuff, just taking good care of your customer, but so many companies don’t do it anymore. I wanted to say thank you. It was a good old-fashioned pleasure doing business with you!” – Kelly

We used this company after my husband’s eye surgery. They were able to deliver the equipment we needed to our hotel in St Louis within hours of the surgery. The equipment made the “face down” week much more comfortable. Great customer service and a very reasonable price.” – Kathy GT

“After surgery for a macular hole I was required to be face down 24/7 for a week. Comfort solutions chair made it possible. It was my home for seven days, always comfortable and, amazingly, my back never hurt from being face down. There is no way possible to survive without the chair but with it, it was easily possible to do what needed to be done. If anyone doubts it is worth it, put those doubts to bed: if you must be face down, you deserve to treat yourself to the best and most comfortable way to move forward. By the way, one week face down is a small price to pay for regaining sight.”  – John Z.

“I want to personally  thank you for your attentive service regarding the delivery of the Comfort Solution Support Chair to my home on Sunday. The chair made my wife comfortable and the chair made the treatment much more tolerable. The ten days in the chair went by quickly and her back and shoulders were saved . Again thank you!” – David R “Your chair worked very well and made my required head down positioning more bearable. I never could have done it without the chair.” – Richard K.

“You have been extremely nice people to do business with and I truly appreciate that.” – Jan

“Thank you so much for the excellent service.” – Judi

“Thank you for your help and providing comfort to my mother during time of recuperation from surgery. Without your equipment, it would have been very difficult.” – Jovanka L.

“Your equipment is great!” – Donna W.

“Thank you! It was a tremendous help!” – Sharon S.

“I really enjoyed the use of this equipment! It was a God-send to have it.” – Ben C

“The chair was great. Thank you!” – Carolyn M. “Thank you so much for all your help, patience and kindness. You made this difficult ordeal easier and less frightening.” – Robert and Paz K.

“You have a very good service.” – Jack D.

“Great products and service. Thanks.” – Nancy

“I don’t know how I would have been able to have gotten through this situation without this wonderful equipment. Every piece was so helpful. Thank you for having this service.” – Cecila W.