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Face Down Recovery Process Questions

Ask your doctor or nurse specifically what to expect when recovering from a vitrectomy surgeryHow long must I keep my face down?

Typical recovery time after vitrectomy and macular hole surgery is 1-2 weeks. Your doctor will determine the length of time for you. You must keep your face down at all times during your recovery.

What can I do while in a face down position?

While using our face down recovery chair and face support, you can:

  • Watch Movies and Television Programs
  • Listen to Books on Tape, Music and Radio
  • Talk on a Hands-Free Telephone
  • Visit with Family and Friends
  • Play Board Games
  • Eat Meals
  • Write and Read
  • Sleep

Do you offer customer support?

Yes! Contact us any time, day or night, toll-free at (877) 470-3455 or email us at info@facedownsolutions.com with questions about our facedown recovery equipment.

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