Instructional Videos

Video 1: Introduction to face down recovery systems

Tom Russo explains what to expect after Vitrectomy surgery, the importance of the face down recovery process, and the quality, sturdiness and comfort of Comfort Solutions equipment.

Video 2: How to set up and adjust chair

This movie describes proper set up and adjustment of the chair system, proper use of the tray table, height and angle adjustments, pad attachments, seat height adjustment, and sternum pad use.

Video 3: Face support unit with three distinct uses

The included face support unit can be used in three different configurations, including on top of your bed, at the foot of a bed, or as a stand alone table top or desktop unit. This video shows you how to use and adjust the face support unit in each of those situations.

Video 4: Comfort View mirror system

Describes use and adjustment of the Comfort View mirror system.

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